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'Is dis where you’d put sniper?'
'Place da man wi’ da sub?'
'What you talkin’ ‘bout now?'
'In the war zone.'
'What war zone?'
'Like dis is a war zone, ya get me? An’ we gotta take ‘em all out, see?'

Gary and Lou were put into care as young children by their soldier father, Cannon, following the untimely death of their mother. Ten years later, Cannon returns, expecting to reassemble his family around him. And nothing could prepare him for the damage that abandonment and an inadequate care system has wreaked on his kids. He desperately tries to repair what has been broken, but is it all too little too late?

FOG was written by Toby Wharton and Tash Fairbanks. It premiered to critical acclaim at The Finborough Theatre in 2012 and subsequently went on a UK tour. The play was supported by the Arts Council England and published by Methuen Drama.


★★★★★   Five Stars WhatsOnStage
★★★★        Four Stars The Daily Telegraph
★★★★        Four Stars Time Out
                            Time Out Show of the Week and Critics’ Choice

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